Kamis, 15 Juli 2021


  • Juli 15, 2021
  • Penerbit NEM


Regional economics is a part of economics, which specifically discusses limitations of the economic area of a country by considering the conditions and natural resources and human resources available in each economic area. Regional economics does not discuss individual activities, but rather analyzes a region as a whole by considering the various potentials that can be developed to accelerate the economic growth of the region concerned.

Due to the specialization possessed by the regional economy, this science has developed into a new specialization field that stands as well as other branches of economics such as econometrics, population economics, operational research, and others. As with other sciences, regional economics appears as a criticism and at the same time provides a new dimension to economic analysis in order to complement and develop traditional economic thinking so that it can solve socio-economic problems that always changes throughout the ages.

This book is geared towards two groups of readers such as academics and practitioners. Each material is formulated using ordinary sentences in order to easily explain the contents and uses of science. Thus academics and practitioners are expected to be able to capture the meaning of Regional Economics presented in the book. This book can provide benefits to the public, especially related regional officials who are able to assist in carrying out more targeted tasks.