Jumat, 09 Desember 2022


  • Desember 09, 2022
  • Penerbit NEM


Psycholinguistics is one of the compulsory subjects for the students of English Education. Meanwhile, textbooks on Psycholinguistics are very scarcely available. Due to this fact, the author is motivated to write this book. This book aims to provide the students with basic knowledge of psycholinguistics. By having knowledge, the students will know what psycholinguistics is, language perception and production, first language acquisition, and second language acquisition.

This book is organized into fifteenth chapters. In Chapter 1 introduction to psycholinguistics consists of a brief history of psycholinguistics and the definition of pscycholinguistics; Chapter 2 concept language perception and production; Chapter 3 language acquisiton devices of children; Chapter 4 the factors affecting first language acquisition Chapter 5 first language acquisition; Chapter 6 the types and strategies of learning; Chapter 7 cognitive style of learning; Chapter 8 the acquisition in children, Chapter 9 language and communication, Chapter 10 spoken, sign, and written language; Chapter 11 language barrier; Chapter 12 linguistic performance and linguistic competence Chapter 13 children interaction; Chapter 14 children vs adults in SLA, Chapter 15 language disorder.


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