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Procedure Housekeeping

  • Maret 15, 2023
  • Penerbit NEM


Vacationing and spending the night at an inn is usually a common thing when on vacation. In an inn that is the important role of a housekeeping in serving guests. Housekeeping is someone related to maintenance and lodging. The Housekeeping Department has duties and responsibilities for the cleanliness, tidiness, beauty and comfort of all areas hotels both inside and outside the building. The role of the Housekeeping Department is so large because the hotel’s income is obtained from the sale of rooms which incidentally are managed by this housekeeping department. Housekeeping is a combination of two words, namely “house” and “keeping”, each of which means “house” and “caretaker”. If combined, the notion of housekeeping is a person or department that manages and maintains an inn or hotel. Housekeeping will be a helper to help perfect the customer’s staycation. In Indonesian itself, housekeeping means “tata graha”. Not only managing and maintaining an inn, housekeeping duties include caring for and cleaning the entire inn including the garden.


This book is structured as a reference for students and Tourism and Hospitality Education Institutions which consists of 10 chapters containing the topics Introduction to Housekeeping, housekeeping sections, public area sections, gardening and swimming pool sections, storerooms, guestrooms, cleaning in bedrooms and bathrooms, laundry sections, linen section, problems in the housekeeping department.

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