Selasa, 08 Desember 2020


  • Desember 08, 2020
  • Penerbit NEM


This study conducted using the Theo-anthropological approach found that religion cannot be separated from daily behavior including in business. The contribution of Religion to society is a formalized structure in which human beings help each other connect with God and, thus, explore and respond to the divine in themselves and others. In addition, the concept of economic institutions and economic activity is just an abstraction that is useful to describe human interaction.

Especially in pekalongan city, batik industry embodies the islamic religion that is majority believed. The presence of various economic infrastructures such as batik markets, batik villages and batik galleries throughout the city, confirms that the business life of the city is based on the arts, crafts and culture of batik. Batik in addition to being a culture as well as providing entrepreneurial opportunities for the people of Pekalongan. The character of Muslim entrepreneurs such as innovative, leader-spirited, always careful in making decisions plays an important role in the sustainability of batik business.  The results of the study have the author pour in this book. The research results include:

·     The Problematics of Anthropological Assumptions of Business

·     The common theological approaches to business

·     The Moslem batik business theologized.