Rabu, 16 November 2022

Legal Readiness to Face Digital Transformation

  • November 16, 2022
  • Penerbit NEM


Technology is influenced by people’s social life, law enforcement, and economic activities with an e-commerce system. The progress of this era makes the law must be able to adapt to technological developments. Law enforcers are also required to adapt to technological advances, so that the law can provide benefits, justice, and legal certainty. Legal issues that occur from technological advances if there is no balance between the role of law and law enforcement, will lead to rampant legal cases that are not completed to be resolved, so that the law as a protector of justice will be far from expectations.

The role of the state through legal policy in digital transformation is very important. Through the management of good governance legal policy, it is hoped that the law can be a protector of technology development for the benefit of the life of the nation and nation. The main mission of the nation and state in realizing social welfare and justice will be formed by the creation of a participatory and emancipatory legal system for the advancement of science and technology. Legal instruments need to be strengthened on the substance, structure, and legal culture, as a protector of humanist digitalization and the welfare of the Indonesian people.

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