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  • Desember 09, 2022
  • Penerbit NEM



Semantics is one of the compulsory subjects for the students of English Education. Meanwhile, textbooks on semantics are very scarcely available. Due to this fact, the author is motivated to write this book. This book aims to provide the students with basic knowledge of semantics. By having knowledge, the students will know what semantics is, the concept of synonym and antonym, participant roles, and performative and constative utterances.

This book is organized into tenth chapters. In Chapter 1 introduction to semantics contain the definition of semantics and types of meanings Chapter 2 basic notion in semantics contain sentences, utterances, preposition, references, sense, and referring and non-referring expressions; Chapter 3 predicates; Chapter 4 deixis Chapter 5 synonyms; Chapter 6 antonyms; Chapter 7 derivation; Chapter 8 participant roles; Chapter 9 speech actChapter 10 performative and constative utterances.

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