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Research on Marketing and Consumer Behavior

  • Februari 16, 2023
  • Penerbit NEM


The first edition of Research on Marketing and Consumer Behavior first appeared in 2022 in order to fulfill the need for an advanced text to be used in capstone courses in marketing. A selection of 9 chapters met this need and proved very successful, with numerous reprints since its first appearance. While many key ideas and core concepts remain unchanged, marketing and consumer behavior discipline has continued to evolve, so we have produced new research in the next edition. 

Chapter one describes the Philosophy Foundation of Marketing Theory and Research. This article provides the philosophical foundation of marketing thought at two early development centers. In particular, it evaluates the scientific realism and relativistic/construction views. 

Chapter 2 is an example of the relationship between the shopping environment; an approach to structural equation modeling. This article presents a field study of the shopping environment's effect on shopping behavior. 

Chapter 3 is an example of normative moderators of impulse buying behavior. This article also shows conceptual and empirical evidence that there is some support for the moderating role of normative evaluations in the relationship between buying impulsiveness and impulsive buying behaviors. 

Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 are examples of the application of consumer behavior research in various settings, assessing knowledge-sharing behavior in Indonesia. We dedicate this book to our guru, friend, and college. We hope this text will provide the reader with an accessible, authoritative, and broad introduction to the topic. 

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